Minnesota media is covering this important issue. Here are the latest stories that discuss the benefits of using fire sprinklers in Minnesota homes:

10/6/14: KARE: Small fire at MSP airport triggers evacuation

10/6/14: WCCO-TV: New Rule Requires Fire Sprinklers in Large Houses

10/6/14: KSTP: St. Paul Firefighters Demonstrate Sprinkler Effectiveness through Intentional Fires 

8/25/14: FOX 9: Sprinkler extinguishes fire at St. Paul nursing home

7/29/14: Associated Press: New Sprinkler System Requirement for MN Homes Over 4,500 Square Feet

7/28/14: WCCO-TV: In-Home Sprinkler Systems Now Required in New Homes

6/24/14: Survey: Homeowners Favor a Sprinklered Home

5/15/14 – KAAL-TV: Minnesota Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Bonding Bill

5/15/14 – WDIO-TV: DFL Lawmakers Finalize Bonding Bill, Remove Controversial Item

5/14/14 – Star Tribune: Deal reached on $1 billion construction measure

5/14/14 – Politics in Minnesota: After strange interlude, sprinklers apparently out of bonding bill

5/14/14 – Insurance Journal: Sprinkler Clause Adds Wrinkle to Minnesota Bonding Discussion

5/14/14 – DFL-GOP bonding bill blowup a day before vote

5/13/14 – Star Tribune: Sprinkler clause adds wrinkle to bonding debate as lawmakers wonder if Dayton bluffing on veto

5/13/14 – Finance & Commerce: Sprinklers, water project muddy bonding debate

5/13/14 – Prairie Business: Minn. Governor says he would veto bonding bill over sprinkler provision

5/13/14 – Rochester Post Bulletin: Dayton threatens to veto bonding bill over fire sprinkler issue

5/12/14 – Pioneer Press: Gov. Dayton threatens to veto bonding bill over sprinkler mandate repeal

5/12/14 – Star Tribune: Dayton vows to veto bonding bill with home sprinkler restriction

5/12/14 – News-Tribune: Minnesota Gov. Dayton threatens to veto bonding over fire sprinkler issue

5/12/14 – In-Forum: Dayton says he would veto bonding bill over fire sprinkler provision

5/12/14 – KARE: Dayton warns sprinkler flap could doom bonding bill

5/12/14 – Minnesota Public Radio: Dayton threatens bonding bill veto over sprinklers

5/10/14 – Sun Current: Guest column: Residential fire sprinklers: saving lives and protecting property 

5/8/14 – NFPA Today: Fire officials rally against new bill that would block upcoming sprinkler mandate

5/8/14 – Fire Engineering: Minnesota Firefighters and Homebuilders Clash Over Sprinkler Codes

5/8/14 – Rochester Post-Bulletin: Push to dump sprinkler mandate upsets fire chiefs

5/7/14 – StarTribune: Firefighters, homebuilders clash over sprinkler installation codes

5/7/14 – WCCO Radio: Lawmakers To Vote On Mandatory Home Fire Sprinklers

5/7/14 – WCCO-TV: Firefighters At MN Capitol To Push Fire Sprinkler Bill

5/7/14 – KSTP: Minn. Fire Chiefs Push for Mandatory Sprinkler Systems

5/7/14 – Pioneer Press: Senate panel rejects fire sprinkler requirement for some new homes

5/7/14 — KARE: Fire chiefs sound alarm over sprinkler code changes

4/22/14 – St. Cloud Times: Sprinklers help douse fire on St. Cloud apartment deck

4/14/14 – Star Tribune: Why we need a sprinkler law for new homes

3/14/14 – 10 House Fire Deaths in 10 Weeks: Firefighters Preach Prevention

3/14/14 – KSTP-TV: High Fire Deaths in Mpls. Prompts Push for Statewide Fire Prevention

3/14/14 – KAAL-TV: Coverage of the 3/14 gathering of fire chiefs and sprinkler demonstration

3/14/14 – WCCO-TV: Mpls. FD: Fire Death Toll Highest In 35 Years

3/14/14 – Minnesota Public Radio: Minneapolis on pace for record number of fire deaths

3/14/14 – KARE 11: Coverage of the 3/14 gathering of fire chiefs and sprinkler demonstration

2/24/14 – National Fire Protection Association: Following a deadly house fire involving children, Minnesota fire chief speaks out about residential sprinkler requirements 

2/23/14 – Duluth News Tribune: Do homes need fire sprinklers? Yes: They have proven they save lives and buildings

2/23/14 – Duluth News Tribune: Duluth Fire Chief John Strongitharm talks about the benefits of using fire sprinklers in Minnesota home construction

2/19/14 – Star Tribune: MN judge rules in favor of sprinkler mandate for many new houses, do you agree with his decision?

2/16/14 – KSTP-TV: Chief George Esbensen talks about the risks of synthetic furnishings

KSTP 2-16-14

2/15/14 – KMSP-TV: Chiefs Kewitsch and Butler discuss how synthetic materials used in today’s homes burn extremely quickly

2/15/14 – KMSP-TV: Chiefs Tim Butler and Wayne Kewitsch talk to FOX 9 Morning News about the benefits of fire sprinklers

KMSP 2-15-14

2/14/14 – WDAY-TV: Large Minnesota homes will now be required to have built in sprinkler systems

2/12/14 – KSTP-TV: Sprinkler Mandate in New Home Construction Moves Forward

2/12/14 – KARE-TV: Big new MN homes might require sprinklers soon